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Science Fiction. Konvolut 10 englische Taschenbücher.

N.Y. Ace Books.

alle Bände mit altersbed. Gebrauchs- u. Staubspuren, papierbed. gebr.

Tubb, E.C.: Kalin. 187 S. - Tubb, E.C. A Scatter of Sturdust. 119 S.+ Technos. 136 S. (Ace Double). - Tubb, E.C. C.O.D. Mars. 99 S. + Rackham, J. Alien Sea. 154 S. (Ace Double)./Dickson, G. The Genetic General. 159 S. + Time to Teleport. 96 S. (Ace Double). - Richmond, W. and L. Phoenix Ship. 106 S. + Kamin, N. Earthrim. 147 S. (Ace Double). - Lafferty, R.A. Space Chantey. 123 S. + Hill, E. Pity About Earth. 132 S. (Ace Double). - Chandler, A.B. The Hard Way Up. 162 S. + Lory, R. The Veiled World. 116 S. (Ace Double). - Benford, G. Deeper than the Darkness. 191 S. - Laumer, K. The big Show. 153 S. - McDaniel, D. The Arsenal Out Of Time. 156 S.

Schlagwörter: Utopia, Weltraum, Fantasy, Belletristik, Zukunftsromane, Utopic novels, Space

Artikelnummer: SCFI0097


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