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Bradlee, Francis B. C.

Piracy in the West Indies and Ist Suppression.

N.Y., Library Edition 1970. Reprint from the edition Salem, Essex Inst. 1923.

gr.-8°, Tit., 3 Bl. Titelei, 220 S., mit 36 Abb. u. 1 Front., OLn. 1 Beigabe: Exquemelin, A. O. The Buccaneers of America. Translated from the Dutch by Alexis Brown. With an introduction by Jack Beeching. Penguin Books (1969). 232 pp, 1 map. Paperback.

In Englisch.

Schlagwörter: Piraterie, Kulturgeschichte, Navy, Piracy, Culture history

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