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"Hadid, Zaha ; Schumacher, Patrick"

"Latent utopias : experiments within contemporary architecture ; Steirischer Herbst 2002, coproduction with Graz 2003 - Cultural Capital of Europe ; [Landesmuseum Joanneum Graz, 26.10.2002 - 2.3.2003]"

Wien, Springer 2002.

4°. 302 S : zahlr. farbige Ill + Beil.: Latente Utopien (108 S.). OPappband u. OBriosch., wie neu 3-211-83865-1

"Das Beiheft enthält die gekürzte dt. Ausg. u.d.T.: Latente Utopien. - Every age has its utopias. The grand social drafts of the past century, their demands and impacts in terms of real history, however, have aroused suspicions of the utopia being a naive and perilous hubris. And yet the radical concepts of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wrights initially displayed an anticipative force and rationality that - with almost fifty years of success worldwide - can hardly be seen as a mistake. ""Latent Utopias"" features experimental architectural projects both by established and up-and-coming architects. The projects are characterised by radical abstraction and strangeness. But what is the hidden meaning of these experiments? How does this ""Neo-Avantgarde"" relate itself to the historical Avantgarde, and what is its stance on the idea of progress? Contrary to first appearances is there still utopian potential?"

Schlagwörter: "Utopische Architektur ; Utopien; Ausstellungskatalog"

Artikelnummer: ARTE0703


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