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New York in old Photographs. Sammlung von 5 Büchern.

"I.: Watson, Edward; Gillon, Edmund: New York then and now. 83 Manhatten Sites photographed in the Past and Present. New York, Dover Pub. 1976. OKart. / II.: Black, Mary: Old New York in early Photographs 1853-1901. 196 Prints from the Collection of The New-York Historical Society. New York, Dover Pub. 1973. OKart. / III.: Byron, Joseph: New York Life at the turn of the Century in Photographs. From the Byron Collection of the Museum of the City of New York. New York, Dover Pub. 1985. OKart. / IV.: Feininger, Andreas: New York in the Forties. With Text by John von Hartz. New York, Dover Pub. 1978. OKart. / V.: Silver, Nathan: Lost New York. New York, Weathervane Books 1967. OHLn. mit OU."

Schlagwörter: Fotografie, Stadtansichten, Architektur, USA, New York, Photography

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