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The Western Desert Campaign. Collection of 7 Books.

"I.: Barclay, C.N.: Against great Odds. The Story of the First Offensive in Libya in 1940-41, the First British Victory in the Second World War. London, Sifton Praed 1955. OLn. m. OU. / II.: Featherstone, Donald: Tank Battles in Miniature. A Wargamers' Guide to the Western Desert Campaign 1940-1942. Cambridge, PSL 1973. OPpbd. m. OU. / III.: Sandars, John: 8th Army in the Desert. (= Airfix Magazine Guide 20). Cambridge, PSL 1976. OPpbd. / IV.: Crisp, Robert: Brazen Chariots: An account of tank warfare in the Wester Desert, November-December 1941. London, Muller 1959. OPpbd. m. OU. / V.: Strawson, John: The Battle for North Africa. London, Batsford 1969. OPpbd. m. OU. / VI.: Jarrett, G.B.; Mizrahi, Joseph V.: West of Alamein. Northridge, Sentry Books 1971. OPpbd. m. OU. / VII.: Perrett, Bryan: Desert Warfare. From its Roman Origins to the Gulf Conflict. Cambridge, PSL 1988. OPpbd. m. OU."

Schlagwörter: Zweiter Weltkrieg, Wüstenkrieg, Second World War, Panzer, Tanks, Nord Afrika, British Army, North African Campaign

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