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Organs: Collection of 12 titles / Konvolut von 12 englischsprachigen Orgelbüchern.

"1.: Williams, P.: The Organ Yearbook. Volume XXVIII (1998/99). A journal for the players & historians of keyboard instruments. (Laaber 2000). 165 S.; OKart.; 2.: Milne, H. F.: How to build a small two-maual chamber pipe organ. (London 1925). 169 S., OKart.; 3.: Little, G. u. Peaker, Ch.: Organ and Choral aspects and prospects. (London 1958).181 S., OPappband; 4.: Samson, H.: The bamboo organ of las pinas. (Las Pinas 1977). 151 S., OKart.; 5: Dawe, D.: Organists of the city of London 1666-1850. A record of one thousend organists with an annotated index. (London 1983). 178 S., OPappband. 6: Bell, I. u.a.: Fanfare for an organ-builder. Essays presented to Noel Mander. (Oxford 1996). 167 S., OKart.; 7: Elvin, L.: Forster and Andrews. Their barrel, chamber and small church organs. (Lincoln 1976).140 S., OKart.; 8: Broadhouse, J.: The organ viewed from within. A practical handbook on the mechanism of the organ, with a chapter on tuning. (London o. J.). 133 S., OLeinen; 9.: Clutton, C. u. Niland, A.: The british organ. 320 S., OLeinen; 10.: Page, A.: On organ playing "" Hints to young organists"". (London o. J.) 47 S., OLeinen; 11.: Elvin, L.: Bishop and son organ builders. (Lincoln 1984). 356 S. OLeinen mit OU.; 12.: Elvin, L.: Family enterprise. The story of some north country organ builders. (Lincoln 1986). 172 S., OLeinen mit OU."

Schlagwörter: Orgel, Orgelmusik, Organ, music, Orgelbauer, Organ builder, Organologie, Organology

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