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Tanks. Collection of 6 Books. / Panzer. Sammlung von 6 Büchern.

"I.: Caiti, Pierangelo: Modern Armour. The World's Battle Tanks Today. London, Arms & Armour Press 1978. OPpbd. m. OU. / II.: Humble, Richard: Tanks. London, Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1977. OPpbd. m. OU. / III.: Edwards, Roger: Panzer. A Revolution in Warfare, 1939-1945. London, Arms & Armour 1993. OKart. / IV.: Crow, Duncan; Icks, Robert: Encyclopedia of Armoured Cars and Half-tracks. London, Barrie & Jenkins 1976. OPpbd. m. OU. / V.: Crow, Duncan; Icks, Robert: Encyclopedia of Tanks. Barrie & Jenkins 1975. OLn. m. OU. / VI.: Hogg, Ian V.: Armour in Conflict. The Design and Tactics of Armoured Fighting Vehicles. London, Jane's Pub. 1980. OPpbd. m. OU. Alle mit leichten Lagerspuren."

"Zahlreiche weitere Werke zum Thema ""Panzer"" lagernd, bitte fragen Sie an. Many books on ""Tanks and Panzer"" on stock, please don't hesitate to ask us for illustrated offers."

Schlagwörter: Tanks, AFV, Second World War, Panzer, 2. Weltkrieg

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