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Science Fiction. Konvolut 9 englische Taschenbücher.

alle Bände mit Gebrauchs- u. Staubspuren, papierbed. gebr.

Dye, Ch. Prisoner in the skull. 219 S. - Haggard, W. Slow Burner. 223 S. - Lymington, J. The giant stumbles. 157 S. - McIntosh, J.T. World out of mind. 188 S. - Maine, Ch.E. Timeliner. 222 S. - ders. The tide went out. 220 S. - ders., The Isotope Man. 188 S. - alle Corgi Books farb. ill. OKart./Arnold, E.L. Gulliver of Mars. Ace Book. 224 S./MacDonald, J.D. Planet of the Dreamers. Pocket Book. 164 S.

Schlagwörter: Utopia, Weltraum, Fantasy, Belletristik, Zukunftsromane, Utopic novels, Space

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