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Hanyga, Andrzej (Hrsg.)

Seismic Wave Propagation in the Earth.

Amsterdam, Elsevier 1985.

Artikelnummer: NATW2630

XIV, 478 S., num. fig., clothbound, innen sehr frisch und wohlerhalten.


35.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 31.82)

Psencik, Ivan; Vlastislav Cerveny & Ludek Klimes (Hrsg.).

Seismic waves in laterally inhomogeneous media. Part I.

Basel, Birkhäuser 1996.

Artikelnummer: NATW2628

342 S., OKart., wie neu.


24.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 21.82)

Babuska, Vladislav ; Cara, Michel.

Seismic anisotropy in the earth.

Dordrecht, Kluwer 1991.

Artikelnummer: TECH1678

VIII, 217 S., graph. Darst., OPappband, wie neu.


62.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 56.36)

Persen, Leif N.

Rock Dynamics and Geophysical Exploration: Introduction to Stress Waves in Rocks. (Developments in Geotechnical Engineering)

Amsterdam, Elsevier 1975.

Artikelnummer: TECH1643

IX, 276 pp, num. figures, clothbound w., dustj. Frontleaf with former owner's stamp.


20.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 18.18)

Mattauer, Maurice.

Las deformaciones de los materiales de la corteza terrestre.

Barcelona, Omega (1990).

Artikelnummer: TECH1646

xvi, 524 pp, illustrado, tapa blanda. OBrosch., Name auf Spiegel, sonst sehr gut.


34.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 30.91)

Gibowicz, S?awomir Jerzy; Kijko, Andrzej.

An introduction to mining seismology.

San Diego, Academic Press 1994.

Artikelnummer: TECH1657

X, 399 S., graph. Darst., OPappband, Spiegel mit Eignerstemp., ansonsten sehr gut erhalten. (= International Geophysics Series ; 55.)


38.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 34.55)

Clark, George Bromley.

Principles of rock fragmentation.

New York, Wiley (1987).

Artikelnummer: TECH1665

x, 610 pp, num. figures, clothbound with dustjacket. Flyleaf with former owner's stamp, otherwise unused copy. OLn. mit OU., Spiegel gestemp., ansonsten wie neu.


128.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 116.36)

Pande, G. N. ; Beer, Gernot ; Williams, John R.

Numerical methods in rock mechanics.

Chichester, Wiley 1990.

Artikelnummer: TECH1666

ix, 327 S., mit graph.Darst., OPappband, Spiegel mit Eignerstemp., ansonsten tadellos. Flyleaf with former owner's stamp, otherwise very good copy.


158.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 143.64)

Bahat, Dov.


Berlin, Springer (1991).

Artikelnummer: TECH1667

xviii, 354 pp., with 197 figures. Harbound, former owner's stamp on flyleaf, otherwise a very fresh and clean copy. OKst., Spiegel gestemp., ansonsten neuwertig.


35.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 31.82)

Dennis, John G. [Hrsg.]

International Tectonic Lexicon. 2 Bände. (= komplett)

Stuttgart, Schweizerbart 1979/1988.

Artikelnummer: TECH1664

V, 153; V, 119 S., mit 25 Abb. u. 5 Tabellen. OKart. Spiegel mit Eignerstemp., ansonsten tadellos erhalten.


30.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 27.27)

Rock Fractures and Fluid Flow. Contemporary Understandings and Applications. National Research Council Committee on Fracture Characterization and Fluid Flow.

Washington, National Academy Press 1996.

Artikelnummer: TECH1654

xvi, 551 pp, num. figures, hardbound. Very good copy, as new, no ex-library. OPappband, sehr guter Zustand.


48.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 43.64)

Coward, Michael P. (editor).

Alpine tectonics / [Conference on Alpine Tectonics held at Burlington House, London, in May 1987 under the auspices of the Geological Society of London].

Oxford [u.a.] : Blackwell Scientific Publ. 1989.

Artikelnummer: TECH1652

VI, 450 S. : Ill., graph. Darst., OKart.,wie neu. Softcover, as good as new.


29.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 26.36)

Kanai, Kiyoshi.

Engineering Seismology.

Tokyo, University of Tokyo Press (1983).

Artikelnummer: TECH1647

x, 251 pp, num. figures, clothbound with dustj., name on front flyleaf, otherwise very good copy.


128.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 116.36)

Kanai, Kiyoshi.

Engineering Seismology.

Tokyo, University of Tokyo Press (1983).

Artikelnummer: TECH1648

x, 251 pp, num. figures, clothbound with dustj., very good copy.


138.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 125.45)

Lehner, Florian K.; Urai, J.L. (Hrsg.)

Aspects of tectonic faulting : in honour of Georg Mandl ; [selected from papers which had been presented at a Conference Organized on the Occasion of Georg Mandl's 70th Birthday ; at the University of Graz, Austria on December 1 - 2, 1995]

Berlin, Springer 2000.

Artikelnummer: TECH1621

XVIII, 226 S. : Ill., graph. Darst. ; OPappband, neuwertig. Hardbound, in mint condition.


20.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 18.18)

Johnson, Arvid M.; Fletcher, Raymond C.

Folding of Viscous Layers. Mechanical Analysis and Interpretation of Structures in Deformed Rock.

New York, Columbia University Press 1994.

Artikelnummer: TECH1620

xvi, 461 S., mit zahlr. Abb. u. graph. Darst. im Text, OHLn. mit OUmschlag, neuwertig. Hardback with dustjacket, in mint condition.


24.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 21.82)

Berkhout, A.J.

Seismic Migration: Practical Aspects Part B: Imaging of Acoustic Energy by Wave Field Extrapolation

Amsterdam, Elsevier 1984.

Artikelnummer: TECH1612

XI, 274 S., OKst., Kanten gering berieben, ansonsten neuwertig.


20.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 18.18)

Sato, Haruo; Fehler, Michael C.

Seismic Wave Propagation and Scattering in the Heterogeneous Earth.

New York, Springer (1998).

Artikelnummer: TECH1562

xiv, 308 pp, hardbound, excellent condition, no ex-library. OPappband, neuwertig.


58.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 52.73)

Kuzmenko, A.A.;Vorobev, V.D.;Denisyuk, I.I.;Dauetas, A.A.

Seismic Effects of Blasting in Rock.

Rotterdam, Balkema 1993.

Artikelnummer: TECH1563

XII, 169 S., OPappband mit OUmschl., neuwertig. Hardbound, mint condition.


65.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 59.09)

Helbig, Klaus.

Foundations of Anisotropy for Exploration Seismics.

Oxford, Pergamon (1994).

Artikelnummer: TECH1572

XVI, 486 S., OKst., wie neu. Hardbound, as good as new.


260.00 Euro

inkl. UST (10%)
(exkl. UST 236.36)

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